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Palo Alto Mind Body always appreciates feedback from our valued patients. To date, we’re thrilled to have collected 24 reviews with an average rating of 5 out of 5 stars. Please read what others are saying about Palo Alto Mind Body below, and as always, we would love to collect your feedback.

Amrit B.
Submitted 09/05/21
Palo Alto Mind Body is one of the better clinics in the bay area. Ricki and team were very prompt in getting the logistics out of the way and scheduling an appointment within 2-3 business days.
Joshua S.
Submitted 07/12/21
I had a good experience at this clinic. Everyone was nice, and the office was clean and comfortable. Sara was knowledgeable and helpful. I’m glad my sister encouraged me to call them. Thank you
Sophia K.
Submitted 07/05/21
Dr. Ghorieshi and his team of extremely compassionate professionals at PAMB have quite literally saved my life, and as hard as it is to look back at those scary, dark times when I believed I was doing my precious little boy and amazing husband a favor by ending my life, I feel I must tell others about him because I had lost all hope that I could be helped at all by anyone, yet here I am. Not only have I made it out of the black hole that depression and anxiety pulled me into, but my life is better than it has ever been. Almost three years ago, after years of seeing countless therapists and several psychiatrists, my life was a miserable existence. I was wrapped from head to toe in a giant lead cloak, exhausted from constantly pretending that I was fine and putting on my happy mask so no one would see the shame I carried for never being able to 'fix' myself or feel like everyone else felt. I had never known normal, and I thought I never would. I was racked with guilt too because I had an amazing husband, the child we had tried for so many years to get, and we lived in such a great place. But I couldn't feel anything. I lost all the pleasure from everything that I used to love doing. I avoided social situations and even my closet friends and family. I was not being the mother I wanted to be for my son, and in spite of finding the best antidepressant for me, things continued to get worse. I was a shell of myself, hollow, and I knew I couldn't keep living like that. I called PAMB, and I'll never forget how kind Linda was to me as I started to cry and told her how much I needed someone to help me. She gently told me, "We are here to help you. This is where we start." and from there she walked me through everything and set up my first appointment with Dr. Ghorieshi. From our very first meeting, I knew he was different. His approach was different. I learned more in 30 minutes than I had in years of therapy, and was I ever anxious to start treatment. It was about a week later, but after the first week, it was as if that heavy lead cloak was suddenly lighter, looser. The next few weeks were simply amazing in that people noticed a change in me. The heaviness was gone, I carried myself differently, I was smiling, I was laughing, and for the first time in a decade I wasn't pretending. It wasn't an artificial feeling either. I could enjoy music again, I wanted to go outside and be in the sun again. I was changing, and what's more is that change coupled with Dr. Ghorieshi's therapy was like a launching pad where I found myself loving the life I had and beginning to makes lasting changes to take it even further, and I overcame so much that used to hold me back. Linda, Sara, Pie, and everyone else I have had the pleasure of getting to know are like the dream team of wellness. Please, if you are hurting, feeling lost, avoiding people, and/or unable to get pleasure out of the things you used to, call PAMB. I had depression that seemed impossible to help. I had tried everything that had been available with only temporary, partial relief, but here I am three years later, and I had no idea life could be so great, or that I could feel so great. Help is here with Dr. Ghorieshi and his team. He's truly the kindest, most compassionate person, and he has the cutting edge treatments to do what nothing else could do. Thank you team PAMB. You saved my life.
Wes D.
Submitted 06/22/21
I can't say enough good things about Palo Alto Mind Body! This last year was rough but the team at Palo Alto Mind Body went above and beyond to safely provide their services when I needed them the most. They worked out every detail for me and allowed me to focus on recovery. Thank you!
Julie R.
Submitted 06/22/21
Before I review my actual experience with the treatment, I have to say that the entire team at PAMB is AMAZING. From day one they have been so kind and welcoming. They've had to put up with me for months now (lol!) and they are still just as awesome, if not more, than they were on my first visit. Massive shoutout to Sara, the PA who has been overseeing my treatment, and Linda (who I'm pretty sure is superwoman. No, seriously.) who somehow manages to keep everything running so smoothly. Spravato treatments have completely changed my life. If you're on the fence about doing it, just take the plunge. You won't regret it. The atmosphere at PAMB is great. They make you feel so at home--everyone knows your name. :) Dr. G is so kind and caring (and funny!) and will make sure your treatments are going well. Thank you PAMB!
Submitted 10/03/20
Dr Ghorieshi and the staff at PAMB are amazing, I call them my angels. They have consistently gone above and beyond to help me get treatment for my CRPS and make sure it is as effective as possible. I always feel safe and secure in their care for my infusions and my pain has dropped from a mind-numbing 8/9 to a 3. These treatments have given me back my life and mobility. I have been able to stop using crutches or a walker and only use a cane now. And since my pain is finally managed, I'm able to work on my strength and range of motion and have hopes to walk unassisted again at some point. With how fast my CRPS was progressing, I expected to be in a wheelchair by now but thanks to the team at PAMB, I'm still on my feet and getting stronger. I've tried a lot of things to manage this disease but nothing has been as effective as my ketamine infusions. If you have CRPS or any kind of chronic neuropathic pain, give the team at PAMB a call and see if they can help you. You won't regret it.
Bob L.
Submitted 10/03/20
After suffering from anxiety/OCD for many decades - and finding no relief from meds or therapy - as a last resort (after months of research) I chose PAMB. Here is what I Siri'd to myself as I was coming to (edited for readability): "This is the most amazing thing I've ever done in my life. If I was so inclined, I'd call it a religious experience. If later I convince myself to stop the treatments I should be slapped.". I don't know if this will have a long term effect - time will tell. But right now -8 hours after the infusion - I'm feeling the most hopeful in years.
Lauren B.
Submitted 10/03/20
I'm set up for 8 treatments for bipolar depression/suicidal depression. I've had two so far. SSRIs quit working for me so I came here. Day 1 of infusion treatment completely calmed me and I felt the desired dissociative effects well into the next day. It changed my perspective on day one. I felt peaceful and calm. Infusion itself felt like heaven to me. Out of body, but zero fear. I felt like I finally "got it." The staff is WONDERFUL from top to tail. Linda is on top of it and you can text her. I am especially impressed with the PA Sarah who LISTENS and knows her shit. Nurses Jamie and Peri are perfect examples of why we all love great nurses. Caring, funny, trustworthy and are very good for affirmation during infusion. I'm baffled that this treatment isn't more available among mental health treatment communities/media. During infusion I keep whispering "thank you" because the relief is so merciful and warm. it changed the access to my negative emotions. They're not gone but they aren't so readily available and that's a welcome change. Sadness isn't gone, but it changed my relationship with sadness. Grateful to have a day, hour, minute of relief and change in perspective. Unreal.
Lauren P.
Submitted 07/22/20
My experience at Palo Alto Mind and Body always blows my mind. Every single person on staff is so kind, warm and welcoming. That has truly made my experience at PAMB the best. They are so patient in when working with me on payment information too. The most important thing for me is that every nurse and doctor really makes me feel comfortable and at east before every ketamine infusion sesssion. Thank you a million times over.
Robert M.
Submitted 01/19/20
I have suffered from OCD (pure "O" - obsession - variety) and anxiety my entire life. I am in my mid 60s. After decades of trying different medications and therapies, after months of research I finally decided to try ketamine. In short, it was the most profound experience of my life (full disclosure -- it has only been a week and a half at this point). For the first time in memory I am able to tolerate my obsessive/ intrusive thoughts and concomitant anxiety. I've had three treatments (I have no plans at this point to do more). The first two were completely positive, simply amazing. Immediately after the first infusion I had much more clarity and acceptance of myself (which I was never able to achieve in therapy, sadly). At the tail end of the 3rd infusion I got pretty agitated and paranoid, but thanks to the caring staff, that passed in a few minutes. It (so far!) has changed my life. I've been working with my own CBT therapist (outside PAMB); I believe this is helping to cement my new insights and acceptance.
Luz D.
Submitted 10/11/19
Changed my whole damn life.
Trisha M.
Submitted 10/07/19
If I could give ten stars I would. I suffer from debilitating CRPS type 2 (most painful chronic disease known to medicine) from a botched foot surgery and was literally writhing in pain in tears for days during a flare (almost no medication helps this as it is nerve pain and not well understood). I had tried pain (3 hour) ketamine infusions before and they hadn't worked at all, but Dr. G got me in two subsequent days last minute, once for a short one then for FIVE HOURS that kept him at the office until 8pm on a Friday. He's beyond a doctor, he's a compassionate and wonderful human being. His staff is superb, office lovely, and everyone a delight. I'm back to the best I've felt, there's no cure so I live with high amounts of pain, but getting dressed and having dinner with my husband tonight for first time in weeks. Your health is worth every penny.
Rachel M.
Submitted 07/24/19
There are no words for how thankful I am for Dr. G. He and his treatment staff have truly changed my life for the better. From his methodical yet extremely caring nature to his sweet smile, Dr. G. is everything I could ever ask for in a member of my treatment team. Noelle, his nurse, is funny and a perfect stick at my IV every time. She takes great care of me during my infusions and knows how to make me laugh when I'm feeling down. Linda holds down the fort perfectly and is always careful to get me in at a time that impacts my work schedule the least. As someone with multiple serious medical conditions, I wish all of my medical teams were as awesome as Dr. G. and his crew!
Anonymous ..
Submitted 06/24/19
"...I was referred to Dr. Ghorieshi by my psychiatrist when yet another medication wasn’t doing enough, and I was barely existing. I was suffering, and the last thing I wanted or needed was some far off sliver of hope that I may eventually start to feel better gradually someday after trying several more medications...I needed help right then and there. That’s what Dr. Ghorieshi did. He understood, and he helped me right then. I went home and could enjoy things again! Music sounded good again. My grey life had colors again. I didn’t leave with the hope I’d feel better. I actually felt better when I left. I’m not sure I’d be here writing this now, over a year after completing 7 treatments with him, if I had not worked with him..."
Virginia M.
Submitted 05/09/19
I've seen A LOT of doctors lately for an autoimmune issue. A LOT. Endocrinologists, neurologists, gastrointestinal doctors, physical therapists, functional medicine doctors and ob/gyn. At best they are clinical and collaborative, at worst sociopaths, narcissistic mansplainers. Dr Ghorieshi is so much better than the best of these. His staff is efficient, kind, and capable. His demeanor is empathetic and calm. This might be my favorite office ever. It's also decorated in a lovely way that is so far from clinical.
Jess L.
Submitted 05/03/19
I am incredibly thankful to have found Dr G at Palo Alto Mind Body. I have refractory (treatment resistant) depression that had lingered for over 3 years, ptsd and a chronic nerve pain condition- I had become despondent and thought my life would never improve. I have tried many meds and therapy combos over the last 20 years but this depression was sticky and tough. IV infusion therapy absolutely saved my life. I have had ZERO (!!) intrusive thoughts since the FIRST infusion. I am above the depression for the first time in years, feel capable and functioning. I’ve experienced a drastic reduction in pain which was an unexpected bonus. I didn’t trust the first six weeks of feeling better because it was so drastic - but I am a few months from initial treatment and still feeling great. I am terrified of needles so this was a big leap of faith for me. Dr. G is warm, kind and funny, Nurse Noelle is a gem of a human being. If you are on the fence about seeking IV treatment, don’t be. Call them. It absolutely changed my life for the better.
Lynn M.
Submitted 05/02/19
Dr. Ghorieshi and nurse Noelle, through their compassion and ketamine I.v. injection treatments transformed my life. The first day I began treatment, I was suicidal to the point of life threatening, and I'd been feeling that way consistently for a decade minimum. I hadn't even realized how ill I was, because I had normalized my condition. Nothing! nothing at all, in terms of medication (which I had been on for 22 years), ever improved my condition. The side effects were horrifying, and I believe they actually made me more inclined to take my own life. I could barely get out of my bed, my body and mind were shut down. With the help of Dr. Ghorieshi and Noelle, I regularly laugh & smile after many, endless years of profound grief. My sense of humor, wit, confidence, ability to socialize (as opposed to isolate & withdraw) has returned. Now I assert myself, rather than submit to others preferences that had often made me uncomfortable. My body is experiencing sensations, that I have not known since my youth. I'm not perpetually living in extreme fear & dread. My hair is healthier and more full than it's been in years. Bottom line: as one who suffered from treatment resistant depression for most of my life, ketamine has liberated me from the shackles of despair and the inevitability of suicide. Ketamine is a miracle. My heartfelt gratitude to Linda, Dr. Ghorieshi, and Noelle.
Nick P.
Submitted 05/02/19
PTSD has been a very significant part of my life and a lot of the time it feels hopeless going through doctor to doctor, for the first time ever I feel like I finally got a treatment that is working. The I.V. Ketamine infusions provided by Dr. Ghorieshi and nurse Noelle have made an incredible improvement on my life. I was skeptical at first considering this is a treatment, like most treatments, don't immediately give you the wanted results but it really works and for the first time it actually feels like I can live life without taking pills with side effects every morning. Not only have they provided me a service that has changed my life, all of the staff are incredibly cooperative, intelligent, and nice. For an experience like Ketamine infusions, they are the best people to have around. The room they provide gives you an isolated space from patients setting up the illusion that you are the only one in the facility which provides a really nice comfortable anxiety free experience. In fact, the way the facility is set up you don't even realize there are other patients involved because of how comfortable the atmosphere is. Their scheduling and phone service has probably the most cooperative appointment coordinating team of all time because they are the only doctor I can reach instantly via text message and schedule appointments within seconds. I was also able to see them for an evaluation very quickly (within the week) as apposed to other Ketamine clinics which takes weeks to months. Overall, I'm recommending them to any friend or family member or even stranger who has had issues with previous treatments in the past. This place has made a significant improvement on my mental illness more than any psychiatrist could in my entire life. Thank you again, Dr Ghorieshi & Nurse Noelle.
Maria H.
Submitted 03/06/19
I have been suffering from deep depression, anxiety and PTSD for years. I have been treated by many different antidepressants, SSRIs, Wellbutrin, and even over the counters, like 5HTP with vitamins. I also did rTMS 2 times (30 sessions each); none of them worked. As I got older, I couldn’t cope with pressures of life. I wanted to be alive, but not like this. So, I did a lot of research and found out about Ketamine. I called many places in our area, include Palo Alto Mind Body. They are the Best by far. I talked to Linda there. she is amazing!! Very compassionate, as if she was feeling my pain. She answered all my questions, explained the whole thing to me in detail, and helped me feel at ease about getting treatment. I felt so good after my first Ketamine infusion. Last night was my 6th session, and let me tell you honestly, it is as if a massive heavy load has been lifted off my shoulders. I feel so much better. I think so much better. I am so much better! All my darkness is gone. I am so thankful for this place. It’s as if God has put Dr. Ghorieshi, his nurse, Noel, and his staff here on earth himself to help people like me. They saved my life.
Max A.
Submitted 02/13/19
Dr. Ghorieshi really helped me work through some challenges in 2018. I highly recommend.