Am I a Candidate for Spravato? 

Am I a Candidate for Spravato? 

If you've been diagnosed with depression and haven’t found relief with traditional antidepressants, you may be exploring alternative treatment options like ketamine or Spravato® (esketamine, S-ketamine), which we offer here at Palo Alto Mind Body.

Spravato is an evidence-based, FDA-approved nasal spray medication used in conjunction with an oral antidepressant for adults with (1) treatment-resistant depression or (2) major depressive disorder (MDD) with suicidal thoughts. However, not everyone is a candidate for this innovative therapy, so let’s take a look at what qualifies you.

Determining eligibility for Spravato

To find out if Spravato is right for you, we consider the following:

Diagnosis of treatment-resistant depression (TRD)

Before considering Spravato, we must establish that you have TRD. Typically, TRD is defined as a lack of adequate response to at least two different antidepressants of adequate dose and duration.

Consultation with our expert team

Here at our practice, one of our mental health professionals who is experienced in managing treatment-resistant depression can evaluate your condition. We review your medical history, current medications, and the severity of your symptoms to determine if Spravato is a suitable option for you.

Medical criteria

To qualify for Spravato, you need to meet specific medical criteria. Certain health conditions or a history of certain conditions can affect your eligibility. These include uncontrolled hypertension, aneurysms, certain heart conditions, and substance use disorders. If you have experienced any of these, we will discuss them during your consultation.

Risk-benefit assessment 

While Spravato is generally very well tolerated, like any medication, Spravato has potential side effects, including dissociation, sedation, and increased blood pressure. Understanding these risks and weighing them against the potential benefits play a key role in determining your candidacy.

Compliance with treatment protocol

Spravato is administered in our healthcare facility under the supervision of our trained medical staff because of the risk of side effects and its potential for abuse. Patients must comply with the treatment plan, which involves regular visits for administration and monitoring.

Insurance coverage

Spravato is covered by most insurance plans. Our front- and back-office teams have extensive experience getting Spravato approved and covered by insurance for those who medically qualify for it, and Spravato’s manufacturer also provides additional savings to help cover your copay/coinsurance. Many patients are able to access Spravato treatment for as little as $10 per treatment. We will work hard to get your treatments covered and handle all the paperwork, so you can just focus on feeling better.

Other options

If you're unsure about your eligibility for Spravato or want to learn more about alternative treatments for depression, book a consultation with our team. We’ll have an open conversation with you and provide guidance tailored to your specific situation. We can also help you explore suitable options to manage your depression effectively.

It’s our desire for you to always prioritize your well-being. We’re here to work closely with you, so you can find the most appropriate treatment for your condition.

To learn more about Spravato or other alternative treatments for depression, contact our practice serving patients across the Bay Area by calling 650-681-2900 or clicking here to book an appointment online.

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