FDA-Approved Spravato: The First New Type of Depression Medication in Decades

FDA-Approved Spravato: The First New Type of Depression Medication in Decades

If you suffer from depression and have tried multiple medications for treatment without success, you could have treatment-resistant depression (TRD). If so, the FDA-approved treatment called Spravato® has shown amazing results for many who haven’t responded to conventional antidepressants.

At Palo Alto Mind Body, our expert team, led by M Rameen Ghorieshi, MD, MPH, is certified by the maker of Spravato to treat patients who suffer from TRD and MDD in the surrounding Bay Area, including South Bay, North Bay, East Bay, Peninsula, and San Francisco.

Spravato explained

The FDA approved Spravato in 2019 following compelling clinical studies that demonstrated its effectiveness in treating patients that suffer from TRD and MDD. In particular, Spravato has been shown to be effective in patients that found little or no success with conventional depression medications.  

Spravato is a prescription medication in the form of a nasal spray that can be taken in conjunction with oral antidepressants, and it can only be administered at a certified medical practice like Palo Alto Mind Body. 

Considering Spravato for treatment

Conventional antidepressant medications increase your levels of naturally occurring chemicals in your brain, like serotonin, norepinephrine, and dopamine, that affect and help regulate your moods. These chemical messengers are also called neurotransmitters that communicate among various cells in your brain.

The chemicals include:

If you’re part of the 33% of people who struggle with depression that doesn’t respond to conventional antidepressants, consider Spravato therapy.

How Spravato works

If you’re approved for the treatment and are scheduled for an appointment, don’t eat for at least two hours before your arrival, and don’t drink anything 30 minutes before.

Your Spravato therapy involves coming into our practice where you administer the nasal spray treatment yourself with our supervision in the comfort of your own private room. Our expert clinical team is there to assist you and monitor your progress through every step of the process.

Spravato nasal spray contains esketamine, which is made from ketamine — a drug that’s been used successfully for many years for treating depression. Your therapy can vary depending on your individual needs. In general, your treatment includes up to three, self-administered doses followed by at least two hours of monitored relaxation while we observe your response and assist with any needs you may have.

The initial plan of care, the initiation phase, consists of multiple Spravato treatments over the first 2-3 week period. It’s imperative that you follow the treatment schedule to ensure the best possible outcome. After the initiation phase, you may need to return less frequently for follow-up treatments that help ensure a sustained improvement in your symptoms.

After your treatment, you should not drive for at least 24 hours.  It is recommended that you plan to plan to rest and relax for the remainder of the day.

How to know if Spravato is right for you

To determine if you are a candidate for Spravato, please call and speak to our clinical team.  We can consult with you to lean more about your individual symptoms, medications that you have tried, and other medical conditions and history that might include:

These conditions and information can determine whether we can prescribe Spravato therapy for you. We will also need a list of your medications and supplements to determine if certain ones may cause side effects when taken before or after your treatment.

To learn more about Spravato, and to find out if it’s right for you, call the location nearest you or book your appointment online.

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