How Your Gut Health Can Become Compromised

Gut Health

Did you know the root cause of chronic health conditions starts with your gut? 

We’re functional medicine experts at Palo Alto Mind Body, where we have a whole-body approach to wellness. M Rameen Ghorieshi, MD, MPH, and our team understand the importance of having a healthy gut.

Your digestive tract runs about 30 feet long, traveling from your mouth down to your anus. The way it breaks down food and liquid plays a powerful role in your overall health. 

Understanding how gut health works

We all have microorganisms that live on the inside and outside of our skin called microbes. Most of your microbes are in your gut, found in your small and large intestines.

With more than 1,000 species of bacteria in your gut microbiome, if you experience disturbances in your digestive system, your immune system can be compromised, which can result in overall health issues..

Ways to identify good gut health

When you eat food, your body digests it, takes in nutrients, and then expels the waste.

You can tell your gut is working properly if you have a bowel movement once or twice a day without any issues, such as loose or hard stools. 

You should also stay free of constipation and rectal issues like hemorrhoids, excessive gas, abdominal pain, and bloating.

Unfortunately, your gut health can suffer because of various issues.

What causes your gut to suffer

When you have digestive issues, your gut health becomes compromised. Your gut can be affected by:

For example, studies have shown that stress is linked to IBS,

What an unhealthy gut looks like

Symptoms of an unhealthy gut include:

It’s hard to believe that so many of your issues can be tied to your gut. Thankfully, there are ways to keep your gut balanced.

Keeping your gut health balanced

When you have a consultation with our team, we help identify the overgrowth of bacteria, yeast, or parasites that are causing problems. We then use our expertise to advise you on supplements and specific foods that can help repair your gut. This includes probiotics, prebiotics, glutamine, and more, plus a special diet.

We also talk to you about lifestyle habits to help restore proper function to your gut. For example, making certain changes, such as adding exercise to your daily routine and carving out time to relax can help reduce stress and help you sleep better, which can improve your gut health.

To learn more about how to have a healthy gut, book an appointment online, or call 650-681-2900 today. You can schedule a visit at a location nearest you in the surrounding Bay Area, which includes South Bay, North Bay, East Bay, Peninsula, and San Francisco.

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