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Concierge Psychiatry & Ketamine Therapy Clinic located in Palo Alto, CA

Concierge care provides exceptional personalized psychiatric care. You will have exceptional, full-time access to board-certified psychiatrists and specialists. Prompt appointments, around the clock availability, and in-home visits are just a few of the top-tier services offered by M Rameen Ghorieshi, MD, MPH, as part of Palo Alto Mind Body’s concierge care. This level of service gives Dr. Ghorieshi the opportunity to truly get to know and understand you, provide the highest level of care possible, and continually monitor your recovery. To learn more about concierge care, call Dr. Ghorieshi in Palo Alto, California, or send a confidential email. We also serve many patients located in the surrounding Bay Area, such as South Bay, North Bay, East Bay, Peninsula, San Jose, and San Francisco.

Concierge Psychiatry Q & A Referral Only

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How does Concierge Care work?

When you choose concierge care, you will have dedicated access to Dr. Ghorieshi. You can contact him directly via phone, secure text or email, or telemedicine (secure video conference). You will have the strictest level of privacy and anonymity possible. In other words, no one at Palo Alto Mind Body other than Dr. Ghorieshi will know that you are a patient.  

You book your appointments directly with Dr. Ghorieshi. You don’t go through or have to interact with anyone in the front office for any of your scheduling or medical needs. You may contact and speak with Dr. Ghorieshi in the evenings or weekends at your convenience. And, if necessary, you can make arrangement for treatment sessions off-site or in the privacy of your own home.

Dr. Ghorieshi strictly limits the size of his practice so he can devote more time to each patient. This approach guarantees that you have exclusive and quick access to the healthcare you need. 

Are there other advantages of Concierge Care?

Yes, very much so. Your treatment is solely determined by you and Dr. Ghorieshi, not a third party. Decisions about your care are not affected by what an insurance company will or will not approve.

Also, your confidentiality is further safeguarded. Since Dr. Ghorieshi doesn’t accept insurance payments, your treatment information is never released to a third party unless it is at your request with written approval. 



What services are available from Concierge Care?

Under Concierge Care from Dr. Ghorieshi, the services you receive will be highly personalized to your individual needs.

However, there are some services that everyone participating in Concierge Care can count on, such as:

  • Access to Dr. Ghorieshi on evenings and weekends
  • Extended time for on-site appointments, phone calls, or telehealth meetings
  • Personalized care when you need it
  • House calls
  • The highest level of private care and confidentiality
  • Exclusive access to advanced treatment and procedures
  • Comprehensive mental health care including medication management, psychotherapy, and genetic testing.


Once you are under Dr. Ghorieshi’s Concierge Care service, you don’t deal with receptionists, physician assistants, automated answering services, or long wait times for your appointments. When you call, email, or need care, you will receive a prompt, personal reply from Dr. Ghorieshi.

If you’re interested in concierge psychiatry or help from a specialist, ask your physician for a referral directly to Dr. Ghorieshi. Please note, we also serve many patients located in the surrounding Bay Area, such as South Bay, North Bay, East Bay, Peninsula, San Jose, and San Francisco.