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At some point in their lifetime, everyone faces an overwhelming challenge that thwarts their goals or leaves them stressed and exhausted. Life and executive coaching from M Rameen Ghorieshi, MD, MPH, and colleagues at Palo Alto Mind Body is uniquely structured to provide the motivation and guidance you need to overcome challenges and find success in every aspect of your life. If you’re ready to achieve a higher level of success and balance, call the office in Palo Alto, California, or send a confidential email. We also serve many patients located in the surrounding Bay Area, such as South Bay, North Bay, East Bay, Peninsula, San Jose, and San Francisco.

Life and Executive Coaching Q & A

life coach counseling young woman

What should I expect from a life coach?

If you have dreams you want to accomplish, yet they never materialize, or you get started but never follow through, it’s time to talk with the team at Palo Alto Mind Body about life coaching.

Life coaching helps you realize your purpose in life by maximizing your strengths, remedying weaknesses, setting goals, and creating a realistic plan for achieving those goals.

When you encounter the inevitable challenges that sidetrack you from reaching a goal, your lifestyle coach provides ongoing support and honest evaluation. You can count on your coach’s insight to help you determine what caused the problem and figure out how to overcome the roadblock.

Dr. Ghorieshi believes that the health of the mind and body are inseparable. If nutritional deficiencies, stress, anxiety, or other concerns interfere with your life, they’re addressed in your lifestyle coaching.



What are the advantages of executive coaching?

As an executive, you work in a high-pressure environment with extreme performance expectations and intensively demanding responsibilities. These factors can make it impossible to find a balance in your work, home, and social lives.

You can achieve success on all levels when you are supported and guided by an executive coach who is a master at organizational behavior and an expert in psychological principles.

While Dr. Ghorieshi can offer treatment to reduce stress, anxiety, and depression that you won’t get from other executive coaches, he also helps you develop critical skills that deliver results on the job and in your personal life, such as:

  • Identifying and leveraging your unique strengths
  • Learning to build vital and productive working relationships
  • Mastering the tools to motivate and inspire yourself and others
  • Discovering how to use positive psychology to enhance your career
  • Recognizing capabilities in peers and employees
  • Elevating your human and time management skills

Dr. Ghorieshi also helps you find ways to live a balanced life even while focusing on exceptional performance in your career. As your life and business coach, he works closely with you to ensure you take care of your body and your mind while honing your executive skills.


Can I receive concierge coaching?

Dr. Ghorieshi offers concierge care to his patients so he can dedicate the time and personal attention necessary to support their goals and promote their overall wellness.

Under Dr. Ghorieshi’s Concierge Care services, you gain exclusive access to him, extended time as needed during sessions, and the highest level of private, personalized care. Because he knows your time is valuable, Dr. Ghorieshi also offers online life coach services.

If you’re read to find a life coach, call Palo Alto Mind Body or send a confidential email. Please note, we also serve many patients located in the surrounding Bay Area, such as South Bay, North Bay, East Bay, Peninsula, San Jose, and San Francisco.