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Concierge Psychiatry & Ketamine Therapy Clinic located in Palo Alto, CA

Statistics say that every year, nearly 19% of all adults face the challenge of a mental health disorder. But understanding that you’re not alone might not make it any easier to seek the help of a psychiatrist. M Rameen Ghorieshi, MD, MPH, and his colleagues at Palo Alto Mind Body are experienced and compassionate psychiatrists dedicated to healing your mind and body. They combine psychiatric care with evidence-based functional medicine to heal problems such as nutritional deficiencies and food sensitivities that affect your mind and body. If you need to meet a psychiatrist, call or send a confidential email to the practice in Palo Alto, California, where they also serve many patients in the surrounding Bay Area, such as the South Bay, North Bay, East Bay, Peninsula, San Jose, and San Francisco.

Psychiatrist Q & A

What should I know about psychiatrists?

Many patients have certain expectations and opinions about psychiatrists and psychiatric care, so here’s the first thing to know about Dr. Ghorieshi and the providers at Palo Alto Mind Body: Their practice is just as unique as each patient, whether that person needs help with a mental health disorder, or chronic pain.

The Palo Alto Mind Body team doesn’t take the “mind and body” phrase lightly. The professionals combine psychiatry, psychotherapy, functional medicine, and alternative therapies to ensure you receive unsurpassed care of your mind and body.

Here are three more things to know about the providers at Palo Alto Mind Body:

Medication management

Medication is a vital tool for correcting chemical imbalances in your brain and alleviating the symptoms caused by mental health disorders. However, medication management isn’t the only treatment they provide. Their psychiatrists are experts in psychopharmacology and genetic testing to target your medication, but they offer a range of services that support all aspects of your healing.


Psychiatrists often prescribe medication, then send you to a psychologist or therapist for talk therapy. That’s not how they treat patients at Palo Alto Mind Body. Their psychiatrists offer numerous types of psychotherapy, so they can customize your treatment to fit your personality and needs.

Functional medicine

Psychiatrists are highly trained medical doctors, a fact that isn’t often acknowledged in their reputation as medication managers. The providers at Palo Alto Mind Body take a different path, using functional medicine to identify the health problems in your body that directly impact the well-being of your mind.

Rather than simply treating mental health symptoms, they restore balance by running tests to identify issues such as nutritional deficiencies, food sensitivities, and gut problems.



What should I expect during my first visit to a psychiatrist?

You should plan for your first appointment to last one to two hours. You’ll undergo a basic physical check-up, such as taking your blood pressure and pulse. After listening to your concerns and asking questions, your psychiatrist may perform psychiatric screening or order additional tests.

You may need to schedule another appointment before your psychiatrist determines a diagnosis, especially if more tests are ordered. Following your diagnosis, Dr. Ghorieshi works with you to develop a treatment plan that meets your needs.

What specialized services are offered by these psychiatrists?

The patients at Palo Alto Mind Body have access to specialized services that aren’t typically offered by psychiatrists, such as:

Concierge psychiatry

Dr. Ghorieshi offers personal care and exceptional 24/7 access to patients receiving concierge psychiatric care. You can contact the doctor any time via phone, email, or secure text messaging. You’ll schedule your appointments directly with Dr. Ghorieshi and may arrange for extended sessions and treatments in your own home.

Ketamine treatments

Dr. Ghorieshi and the experienced team at Palo Alto Mind Body offer intravenous (IV) ketamine infusions, which safely, rapidly, and effectively relieve symptoms caused by depression (especially treatment-resistant depression) and other mental health disorders such as post-traumatic stress disorder, anxiety, and obsessive-compulsive disorder.

IV hydration and vitamin infusions

These infusions are customized to provide the hydration and nutrients your body needs to support optimal mind and body health.

These represent a few of the innovative and evidence-based services available to support the health of your mind and body. For a psychiatrist near me, call Palo Alto Mind Body to learn more about their psychiatric services or to schedule an appointment.